Meyer Pienaar has for over thirty years been known as one of the country's leading architectural and urban design firms.

The practice has over thirty years experience in a broad field of architecture, in particular in the following market segments:
  • Civic facilities, including offices, community centres, halls, libraries and museums.
  • Urban design, from detail design of public spaces to large-scale strategic urban planning.
  • Hotel and resort developments.
  • Commercial retail and office developments.
  • Commercial apartment-, townhouse and cluster housing
  • Low-cost housing
  • Industrial Parks and light and medium sized factories.
  • Corporate offices.
  • Educational facilities, from schools, laboratories and lecture theatres to student housing and full campus designs.
  • Private residences.
Meyer Pienaar has built its strength on managerial, technical and design innovation, coupled with a capacity for dynamic change and a thorough understanding of market forces. Motivated by a deep sense of social and cultural responsibility, the practice subscribes to highest standards of design and professionalism, to enlightened environmental and human relations policies, and a sound affirmative action programme.