- An illustrated book on the Mpumalanga Provincial Government Complex called “The Making of an African Building” has been published in November 2001, and can be ordered from Meyer Pienaar.

Backcover Blurb:
The Making of an African Building provides a significant contribution to the architectural debate in South Africa.
The Mpumalanga Provincial Government Complex, located in a breathtakingly beautiful African setting, is the first major public building to have been commissioned in a newly constituted, democratic country. The project challenged all those involved to explore new approaches to architecture, both in process and product, and to give appropriate expression to the aspirations of a rapidly transforming society. The Making of an African Building chronicles the journey in all its diverse facets, from project inception and first conceptual design sketches, through the construction process to the finishing stages. It outlines the political and social background to the project, guides the reader through the rationale behind the design, describes technological challenges and their resolution, addresses sustainability and changing approaches to construction projects, and illustrates elements of a new art collection, which has been fully integrated into the complex.
Richly documented in full colour, the book portrays not only the spirit of the architecture of the completed building, but also paints a vivid picture of the adventure of its making.